(1)        Alexander meets with the Seller, Owner and/or their Legal Representative to discuss the Seller’s goals and the time frame which the Seller needs to finalize the auction in.

(2)        Alexander will review the real and personal property to determine when and how the real or personal property needs to be sold to reach the Seller’s goals.

            a.         Live Auctions on site or off site

            b.        Live Auctions, simulcast on the internet

            c.        Timed Internet On-Line Auction – no live auction

 (3)       Alexander Auctions and Seller enter into an Auction Employment Agreement stating the date of the auction and the costs involved in conducting the auction. The Employment Agreement will include Alexander’s commission, cost of promotion and advertising and other associated costs for a successful auction.

(4)        Alexander will develop a promotion and advertising program considering the type property, location, supply and demand.

(5)        Alexander will photograph the real and personal property for promotion on websites, brochures, advertisements in papers and printed publications leading up to the auction.

(6)        Alexander informs the Seller about the auction schedule and when certain auction time lines will take place.

(7)        Alexander implements the promotion and advertising

(8)        Alexander will set up the auction and attend to all the details to be prepared on the day of the auction.

(9)        Alexander conducts the auction

(10)      Alexander picks up and leaves the Seller’s property clear when the auction is over.

(11)      Alexander closes the auction and pays the Seller.