1.   Alexander will review the personal property to determine the best marketing process and how the auction will generate the most interest.

2.   Alexander lots, tags and inventories the personal property.

3. Alexander Auctions will photograph the personal property for brochures, advertisements and websites.


4.   Alexander Auctions will produce a picture slide show for promoting and advertising the auction.


5. Alexander Auctions will post the photos on Alexander Auctions website and national website.


6.   Alexander Auctions implements the promotion and advertising package to peak on auction day.


7.   Alexander sets up the auction and organizes the property to be sold.


8.   Alexander has tents for the auction if they are needed or Alexander may conduct the auction off-site in a desirable facility in the general area. The site of the auction depends on what will accommodate the buyers more.



1)     Alexander Auctions will furnish professional auctioneers, clerks, cashiers, bid assistants, ring men, personnel, and check out people to conduct the Auction.


2)     Alexander Auctions will clerk and cashier the auction with a wireless computer clerking program and system. 


3)     Buyers are given paid receipts and bills of sales.


4)     In Real Estate Auctions, Purchaser agreements are signed and earnest money deposits are collected.



1)       Alexander will sell all the personal property.

2)     The auction records will be clerked using a wireless clerking system listing each lot description, sales price and buyer.

3)     The personal property auction will be balanced to the penny. Each item sold and given to a purchaser will be collected for.

4)       Alexander Auctions will furnish the Sellers a computer itemized list showing the results each item sold for including the sales price and the purchaser.

5)     Alexander Auctions will deposit the auction proceeds in Alexander Auctions & Real Estate Sales Escrow Account at First State Bank in Martin, Tennessee

6)     Alexander Auctions pay the Seller within ten banking days.